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Bad Days

In 2 Corinthians 1:8, Paul writes, “We were completely overwhelmed, the burden was more than we could bear, I feared I would never live through it”. 

Do you ever have days like that? I do – not often, but every once in a while I have a day when nothing goes right. I have trouble getting along with others, my finances get low, my car breaks down, I feel bad and I just want to stay in bed and sleep all day. Everybody has them.

We pray for our loving Father to make it better, but even our prayers seem to get caught somewhere near the ceiling. These are the days when we really doubt that God cares and neither does anybody else.

In a devotional called “Facts of the Matter” by Dwight Hill, he says that the thing that compounds these troubles are those he calls, “Teflon Christians” who seem impervious to these kind of problems. They seem to be able to smile and excuse their troubles easily. Don’t you just hate that?

The real “fact of the matter” is there is no one totally impervious to this kind of trouble. In fact most people go through seasons of depressing times. Granted, a lot of what we feel comes about by chemistry. Whatever those “feel good” hormones are, there are just times when they hide somewhere in the folds of our gray matter and fail us when we need them most.


(Bad days continued)

How do we overcome these times when they conspire to take away the joy of our Christian life? There are no pat answers, and we really don’t overcome them  We deal with them, but more than that, the one thing you can do is really believe that God knows where you are and cares. In an article elsewhere on my website is the suggestion that God can and does orchestrate such times in order that you may fulfill a purpose He has for you. (Life Under the Circumstances”)

The question is, “are you up for it?” Are you willing for God to put you in a place where you can be most valuable to Him or will you insist that everything remain rosey and sweet all the time? Even if you are not willing, those times will still come. Just remember, God still cares,

Consider this scripture from Isaiah, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you.(Isaiah 43:2)

Notice, that verse says “when”, not “if”. That tells me that bad times are inevitable because we live in a fallen world. However the promise is, He will not let the bad times do you irreparable harm. Or, even if it does, He will use it to His purpose.

Are you up for that?