Sunlight or Moonbeams

Sunlight or Moonbeams?

The vibrant, exuberant Christian must be careful in his exuberance not to outshine the source.

That’s called a grabber. But what does it mean? It means that our life is to be more a reflection than a source.

The Sun produces its own light. Its source is within itself. Not so with the moon. The moon has no source of light. It can only reflect the light that comes from the sun.

So many times a vibrant Christian will be such a strong and attractive personality that he himself will draw followers. That’s what happens when a cult leader has such a strong attraction that he becomes like a god or a Messiah himself, drawing people to his personality rather reflecting the light of God.

The Christian who wishes to lead others to God rather than himself will merely reflect the light that comes from the true source, the light of Jesus.

Charles Stanley says, “Christians are a light reflecting God’s glory to this world. We shine brightly by being attentive to God’s voice and following His will. And when someone takes an interest in the source of our light, we are prepared to share the good news of Christ.”

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