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Our Sanctification

My Logo

The logo which I use to illustrate our sanctification shows that once we were saved, our life began a new process in which the Holy Spirit begins to grow us in our new life in Christ.

The blue arrow angled upward illustrates that we are moving ever closer to the image of Jesus Christ. We will never reach that goal but you are somewhere on this line in your spiritual growth.

Some people stop this process by returning to old habits and attitudes that are not spiritually oriented. These people are what the Apostle Paul called Carnal Christians. They are still in their baby (selfish) stage and some stay at that stage for the rest of their lives.

Does the person who falls from that sanctification lose their salvation? Most Baptists believe that once a person is really saved, he is always saved. There are many denominations that believe a person can lose their salvation by willfully turning away and/or denying Christ.

The important thing is not once saved, always saved but once saved!

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