Understanding God

Understanding God

Understanding God is like trying to grab a handful of water. Try as you may, you are still left with nothing but a mystery.  Job 36:26 says that “God is infinitely beyond our understanding”.

We are not only talking about His nature, but more so, how does He come to His decisions and reserve the right to delay His actions?

As humans, we want it now! We don’t like to wait. But, God’s understanding is not our understanding and His timing has infinitely more purpose than we could ever understand.

Not always but often, I will pray expecting Him to answer and He immediately does. Usually however, I wait and wait and then suddenly, His answer comes and I realize, had He answered sooner, it would have been a big mistake for me. I would have had to make unwise decisions without enough information, or it would have complicated my life even more.

We must maintain our faith that God is infinitely wiser than I am. I make flawed decisions because I don’t have enough information. But God knows because of His attribute of “Omniscience”.

When my faith is weakest is when He doesn’t act on my schedule. But I often realize that my schedule is flawed, His isn’t. Does He know me that well?  Yes He does!

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