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“Fret not thyself, it tends only to evil doing” (Psalm 37:8)

 Worry “…do not be anxious for your life…” (Matt. 6:25)

The great thermometer of faith is worry.

Some people are more prone to worry than others but if we truly believe what Jesus taught in Matthew 6:25, we must conclude that worry is ungodly.

When we worry, we demonstrate our inability to take God at His word. Godly concern leads to prayer, ungodly concern leads to fear. God is the author of the first, Satan is the author of the second.

Prayer: That I will draw on God’s ability to ease the pain of worry because I can trust Him with my concerns.

(These notes are by John Griffin. To more fully understand these comments, read the daily devotion for the day dated the same as this in “My Utmost For His Highest”).

A Little Bit More

Faith and Obedience

There are things in life that only God can handle and situations in daily experience for which no man has an answer. But God has the answers. Recognition of this sometimes leads a man to “stand still” and see what God can and will do. It is a matter of trust, of faith. At the same time, while man cannot solve his problems, God may tell him to get moving so that God can solve them. Then it is a matter of obedience.

In fact, all spiritual experience is about faith and obedience. The two are not incompatible. The power to obey becomes available as we trust God to act. Without faith, there will be no obedience, and without obedience there is evidently no faith. So, as the old hymn says, “trust and obey.” Or, if you prefer, stand still and get moving.




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