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1014 The Key to the Missionary Oct 14
Companion to “My Utmost For His Highest”
By Oswald Chambers
“All power is given unto Me in heaven and on earth.
Go therefore and teach all nations” (Matt 28:18-19)

The Missionary Command
The compelling imperative of the word “Go” is spoken to all committed disciples. It is a command, not a request. It is not a statement to be debated.
The concept of God’s Sovereignty or the doctrine of election may be debated but the imperative of going to all nations is clear.
Acts 1:8 however, qualifies the “go”. It means to leave your place of comfort with the purpose of sharing the Gospel with those outside your doors.
While Matthew 28 is the great missionary command, it is also the evangelistic directive for all Christians.

Prayer: That I be a missionary, not just a good Christian.

(These notes are by John Griffin.
To more fully understand these comments, read the daily devotion for the day dated the same as this in “My Utmost For His Highest”).

A Little Bit More

A Time to Go and a Time to Wait

Eccl, 3:1 says that everything has its season. But, Jesus in Matt. 28 says “Go”. It is an imperative command. We do not have a choice to go or not to go. But the imperative does not give a set time.
We recognize it as a Missionary Command and it most certainly is. However, we must not be so impulsive to run ahead of God. First, we must recognize it as a command that has no time restraints. There may need to be proper preparation and/or resources.
However, the word “go” is not limited to a time period. We should interpret it an “as you are going”, command. That means we are to be obedient at every opportunity to be “missional”. It may be as we are buying groceries or putting gas in our car. It may be at our office and even in our daily life when we come into contact with people. But, it must be intentional. We must not wait for the opportunity to be obvious. We must keep it in the forefront of our minds so as not to miss an opportunity to practice obedience.
Think “go” at all times as we watch for opportunities to share a word of witness.

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