The Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines are the things we do in order to put ourselves in a position to grow.
They are not rituals.
They are not mantra
They are not secrets

If a person desires to grow in His spiritual life, he will seek ways to to provide fertile ground for true growth.
1. Daily Prayer
2. Daily Bible reading/study
3. An openness to the Holy Spirit

Many people develop habits in relation to the things they do in seeking spiritual growth. When something merely becomes a habit, it loses it’s freshness and becomes just a routine. We easily grow tired of routines. They become boring and can be a source of dread.

The key to keeping this from happening is to eliminate the legalism involved.  No one is holding you to a schedule. It is a good thing you have adopted in an effort to be regular and devoted to what you think you need to do in order to grow spiritually. It’s not bad to do that but it does tend to lesson their importance.

Vary your routine. Vary your time spent. Vary the order in which you do them. And, do not feel guilty if one day you are unable to have your “quiet time” as you usually do. Sometimes life gets in the way. If you have a set time for your quiet time and you oversleep, it may just be that you needed the extra sleep. Or, another family member may need your attention at the time you are involved in prayer.

All of this is not to say your quiet time is not important or can be minimized. It is to say, do not be a slave to what you think you should be doing as a committed disciple of Christ.


(Spiritual Disciplines Continued)

Be open to the Holy Spirit’s guiding you in your process of growth. We simply must believe God is the heavenly Father that cares about you in your daily life. He cares as much for those interruptions as you do. He understands when you are forced to change your routine.  God is not the one who puts guilt on you but He does have the Holy Spirit remind you when you have become lax in seeking more of Him.

So, why do I feel guilty when I miss or cannot complete my quiet time? Satan is the accuser. Satan can make you feel guilty that you did not do stick to your plan.

It is important to stick to your plan of a daily discipline but it is not important to feel so legally obligated to it that you cannot forgive yourself if you are distracted or disrupted. Love God, not your ability to stick to a discipline. That can become a source of pride. Pride is sin.

Personally, when I miss a day of “quiet time”, my day starts off complicated. Likely the reason I missed it is because of a complicating circumstance.

The odd and wonderful thing is, the more complicated my day looks, the more I need to start it with Him. The Holy Spirit can sort things out throughout my day so I am not forced to bear it alone.

When we are too busy to re-establish our connection to God, to die daily to self, and to allow the Holy Spirit to take the steering wheel, we are too busy period.

Prayer: That I will be faithful to that time each day that I devote to concentrating upon God and what He wishes for me that day.

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