The Gift of Reconciliation

The fruit of “peace” is by extension, the gift of “peacemaker”, which also can by extension be called, “the gift of reconciliation”.

Dr David Jeremiah, renowned pastor and Christian philosopher tells of a physics professor who illustrated a characteristic of olive oil by pouring just one tablespoon of oil onto a choppy lake, it quickly spread over the surface of the water, calming the lake in an area measuring half an acre. Since olive oil spreads to just one molecule thick, it covers a wide area and creates a slick surface that prevents the wind from gaining traction with the water, thus quieting the waves and whitecaps.

When we’re anointed with the oil of the Holy Spirit, our words, deeds, attitudes, and influence spreads further than we know, creating a calm that lessens the storms of life. When the Holy Spirit uses us, we never know how far or how wide the ripple effect will extend—either geographically or in time. One simple word or deed for Christ, touched by the Spirit, may directly or indirectly touch someone elsewhere in the world without our knowledge, and it may have a chain reaction that continues until Christ comes.

This gives new life to the expression, “pouring oil on troubled waters”. The committed Christian who is a witness to a heated discussion can often bring the temperature of a debate down to a reasonable level by just introducing a calming word of peace. It can often defuse an escalating disagreement which could very well leave a lasting resentment among those involved and, which may bring about long term consequences when decisions are made in the heat of a moment.

When we let the Holy Spirit speak through us by being willing to interject a word of peace in the midst of a heated moment, we are exercising our Spirit-led action as a peace-maker.

We are often reluctant to get involved because we are afraid we will appear to be taking sides. A neutral and calming word can be used by the Holy Spirit to bring peace in the midst of a (brewing) storm.  Remaining uninvolved might grieve the Holy Spirit by allowing issues to escalate to an otherwise dangerous level.

Take a chance, be a peacemaker.

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