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Obedience is knowing God’s will and doing it.

Disobedience is knowing God’s will and not doing it.

Do I always know God’s will?

When you became a child of God by believing and accepting Jesus as your Savior, you were given the gift of knowing God’s will. That gift was given in the form of the Holy Spirit which is Chris’s indwelling Spirit.

Among sanctifying us and teaching us of the character of Jesus Christ, His job is to convict of sin and of righteousness. That amounts to making you aware of God’s will at all times.

When we plead ignorance, (I don’t know God’s will).  that is grieving the Holy Spirit in that we are denying His presence and doing His job.

When I am in a quandary and can’t really decide God’s will, it is time to get into a quiet place and pray until you know God’s will. If we still do not get clarity, it is His signal to wait. Don’t make a decision and don’t do anything until you do know. His silence is our signal that there is something spiritually wrong and until it is rooted out, confessed and repented, we will not be able to be clear on God’s will.

Therefore, not hearing God’s will is evidence of disobedience. If and when we are in that position, we can know that something in our life is out of place. Somewhere we have gotten off track with the Holy Spirit because of sin.

The next question is, is it possible to sin and not know it? That takes us back to the same situation as above. As it is the Holy Spirit’s job to “blow the whistle”, (that is to convict of sin). We can be sure that as a Christian, possessing the Holy Spirit means you will know, and be convicted.

The believer can harden His heart to the convicting Spirit. That means that he has habitually ignored that “still small voice” until he is no longer sensitive to Him. That Christian has some serious repenting to do. The Christian who no longer is disturbed by the Spirit’s voice has drifted so far away that he can scarcely call himself a Christian. (That is a whole different doctrinal issue).